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Our dogs are in the house with us and are constantly socialized. All pups are started on pheasant wing at 4 weeks old. We are always honest and upfront about the quality of our pups and never mislead anyone to get a sale. We welcome people to our home to see how we handle and train our pups and even offer assistance with training when you purchase one of our puppies. We strive to enhance the breed for hunting and will help and aid you in the process if needed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


  • Your puppy will be housebroken by 8 weeks old
  • Your puppy will know their sit, stay, and come commands
  • Your puppy will be able to stand on point AND retrieve
  • Your puppy will know some tricks! They will be able to "kiss" "touch" and "high-five"

We consider ourselves to be revolutionary in breeding and training weimaraners. We strive to make the transition from our home to your home to be as easy on you and the puppy as possible. The time we spend with our puppies shows through the training they receive. Nobody does what we do, people return to us for future puppies and we come highly recommended.


We are currently accepting deposits, you MUST fill out an application to be considered and you MUST include references or your application will not be considered. This helps us get to know you and decide if you will be a good fit for one of our puppies. We pride ourselves on finding forever homes not just any home.  The deposit is $200 and $900 is due at pick up. This will give you copies of pedigrees, Limited Registration is available upon request, full registration is done on a case by case basis. We do not hold your place for a puppy without a deposit.  The order in which you get to select your puppy depends on the order your deposit is received.   We are located in Gladwin, MI (between Midland and Clare). We will meet for pick up at no additional charge in St Johns or Lansing MI. An additional $100 delivery fee for Birch Run MI and an additional $200 delivery fee for Chicago MI. Other areas will be considered (Cincinnati, Toledo etc) I have listed the four most common locations. During the 8 weeks the pups are here and training and learning you are free to visit us at any time, we love visitors! 

Nuvet supplements are required to purchase one of our pups. We guarantee the puppy for life, in order for us to extend that we need to ensure the pup receives proper nutrition from day one. Proper nutrition aids both of us in a quality healthy puppy.  The cost is $18.50 per month so this is not overly expensive and provides optimal nutrition to their diet, for more information please go to http://nuvet.com/60057 the link can also be found in the links tab of this website.

We also offer a starter kit for an additional $200 which is can be ordered anytime up to the first 6 weeks, after that please inquire about availability. The starter package includes a full size crate in your choice of wire, plastic or soft sided. The soft sided ones are not always readily available and may have to be ordered. It also includes a bag of Nutrena grain free food which is what the puppies will already be on. It also includes a very nice treat package, that are all organic and made from scratch as well as variety of toys and antler chews.



All paperwork is issued as limited registartion. Meaning that the dog will not be eligible to breed or compete in confirmation, but will be eligible for all other AKC sanctioned events. Registration can be open at your request once proof of title has been accumulated in any AKC or UKC event. This does not GUARANTEE that I will open registration for you, this is done on a case by case basis and I have to feel comfortable with you as an owner. Protecting the future of my puppies will always be first priority.  Opening the registration is $500 and can be done when they are 2 years old with a good or better OFA certification. If you have received an AKC or UKC  title the registration will be opened at no charge. Again, it is not a guarantee that this will happen. If you want open registration there will need to be contact and communication through out the years. 

Requirements for open registration are as follows: Full registration will only be considered after 2 years of ownership, you will have to have been in contact through out the two years, provide a microchip identification  number, provide vet documentation that all shot records are up to date and there are no health concerns, you will also need to provide proof of basic obedience class (can be from puppy classes at 4 months +) as well as completion of canine good citizen class. Upon approval full registration is $500.00.



I will only ship via airplane, I will not ship via truck or train so please do not waste time in asking. I ship using Northwest Airlines due to their high standards for shipping live animals. The price for shipping is $450. Which can vary depending on current airfare. This does include airfare. Veterinary fees associated with flying and the crate required for shipping. 

Please feel free to call and ask questions. My goal is to match you with the right puppy, so if you have questions about the weimaraner breed in general but want to stick closer to home, please feel free to contact me, I will help answer questions for you that you may have.


Deposits made are non-refundable. If you have made payments towards the purchase of your puppy the amount above the initial $200 will be returned or you can opt to transfer the full amount over to the next litter. A deposit does not guarantee a pup will be available as most deposits come in before the birth of our pups. We usually know about how many we are having but cant guarantee a gender. In that event we can place your deposit for the next available litter. We work really hard to not over book our litters, so the chances are slim that this will occur but there is never a for sure thing in the birthing process. 


Puppy Tips

Your new puppy is  housebroke! Great news, but remember, they know to go outside, they just don’t know how to tell YOU they need to go outside, so if they don’t get let out, they will go in the house. After every meal the puppy should be let out, as well as after  every 15 minutes of play time. As soon as you see their cute little face…. They must go out! After they come inside and play for 15 minutes, put them back outside. I try to make sure they are not awake for more than 15 minutes without having a potty break. This time will obviously increase with their age. I realize this sounds extreme but they really do sleep a lot at this age. They may also need a potty break in the middle of the night. If the pup sleeps with you they will begin to whine and squirm, that means they need to go out. Usually this will only happen once during the night and will want to play as well, but if you settle them right back in and refuse to play they will go back to sleep. Their current schedule is 4:30 am and then again at 7 am, that is when we wake up, they will convert to your own schedule.

Weimaraners have the highest anxiety of all breeds, this means they love us and cant understand why you would even consider leaving them for one minute. It is highly recommended that you use a crate for the first couple of years if not throughout the duration of their life with you. Your house will appreciate it and you will reduce your stress levels. If you don’t use a crate, they will find something to occupy their time alone and for some reason it is never their puppy toys.

When feeding your new bundle of joy you will notice their large chest cavity, it is recommended that your puppy eats on a raised food dishes. This will reduce their chances of stomach bloat or flop, which are stomach problems that can arise in large chest cavity dogs. What I have done with puppies is purchase the large size feeding dishes, when they are younger I remove the dishes and place them on top of books or other raised surfaces until they are big enough to eat out of their large size feeding container, which by the way does not take long at all!

We bond with all of our puppies and want them to have the easiest transition into their new home as possible. We understand a new puppy is like having a new baby and our home is open any time of the day or night for any fear or question you may have. A 3am phone to find out it is just hiccups is worth it, to both of us! We have been through a lot with dogs and can help walk you through many situations that may be more serious.

On a last note, congratulations. I always feel good when placing my puppies. I am very selective and have to feel good about you and your family to allow my puppy to have been placed in your home. If there are any circumstances in the future that makes it so you can not keep your puppy, I do offer assistance in placing a puppy in a proper home. There are many circumstances that many times we can not predict, and I would hate to have one of my own puppies end up at the pound or in an unwanted home. So please call me first if you don’t have a family already picked out.

The first three days are the most important ones for your puppy. He/she will test you just like a child. They will miss their litter mates if they sleep alone, they will whine and cry at night if you put them in their crate, you will wonder what you got yourself into. Don’t stress after three days of sticking to your guns they will give in and go to sleep. If you choose to sleep with your puppy, remember they do grow into a small-adult size dog and will expect to sleep with you for the remainder of their life. It is hard to break that habit. So wherever you want your dog  to sleep as and adult  you will want to start off with doing this right from the beginning. Good Luck and Congratulations!

Missy & Rick


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